We are looking for dentists that want to move to Norway and work in dental clinics. This is for dentists within EU. We search for dentists within all areas of dentistry.

Please register in our CV-database to start your process.

We help you with your authorization process.

What we do
We provide full training and education in Norwegian rules and methods of working.
The dentist job is standardized all over Europa, but there are local issues to learn and master.
We have a medical council consisting of surgeons and experienced dentists. They give guidelines and functions as advisors in medical questions.

After the registration here, what happens?
First the person involved with hiring, will contact you and start the communication.
Then there is to ways:
      1. Start the authorization process, without being offered a job
      2. Wait with the authorization process, after a job contract is signed
Option 1 is preferable. This because the authorization process can take some months.
So if this is finished then you can be ready to work on short notice if or when a job is offered.
Anyway this authorization you can use to get a job at any dental clinic in Norway and it is a good paper to have.

Does it cost anything?
The authorization have a small process fee to process the application at the government of health authorization of health workers.
This is not a fee to us. This money needs to be paid in a invoice, sent directly to you from the government. The government hardly does anything for free!
We will help you in all this, just to get you ready for a potential job at our clinics.

What can you earn?
Basic salary and bonus system.
But to get an idea: Our best dentist earn 1 000 000 NOK per year (120 000 Euro).
What you earn depends on how good you are and how you take care of our patients.

1. Contact info
Name E-mail
Address Confirm e-mail
Country Telephone
Age Gender

2. School / work
In what country did you graduate
What year did you graduate
What languages are you fluent in?

Your speciality
General Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry
Oral Surgery
*If other speciality, please specify
Years of exeperience

When would you be interested to start working?
As soon as possible
Within 6 months
Within 1 year

3. Upload CV
Upload CV - curriculum vitae (max 1,5 mb, only accept following file formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf)